Skaven Clan Eshin

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Logo skaven.pngThe Skaven Clan Eshin is one of the many Great Clans which has a member upon the council

of thirteen.

Description[edit | edit source]

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The Skaven of Clan Eshin are accomplished masters of stealth and murder. Long ago they learned the art of assassination in distant lands. Now they are among the most feared of the Great Clans of the Under-Empire. These silent killers serve as the eyes and ears of Skavendom, infiltrating the realms of other races and spying upon them from the shadows. Striking from ambush, utterly without mercy and honour, endowed with a ferocious speed and viciousness far in excess of any human, the Skaven are hideous foes. The chance to increase their own prestige inside the clan makes the warbands infesting Mordheim even more ruthless – and dangerous.

Warriors[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Movement Base Rating Skills
Unit icon ska assassin adept.png Assassin Adept Leader Very Fast 124 Defense Breach: Passive Skill. Attacks bypass 10% of target's Dodge and Parry chance.
Unit icon ska eshin sorcerer.png Eshin Sorcerer Hero Very Fast 98 Warp Resonance: Passive Skill. After gathering a Wyrdstone, Spell Damage increases by 15% for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
Guidance: Prevents the effects of Mental conditions (Stupidity, Paranoia, Megalomania, Deranged, Amok). Can only be used while not engaged.
Unit icon ska black skaven.png Black Skaven Hero Very Fast 94 Perfect Killer: Passive Skill. Melee attacks bypass 10% of the target's Armor Absorption.
Unit icon ska night runners.png Night Runner Hero Very Fast 94 Fleet-footed: Passive Skill. After a successful Leap or Jump Down, Movement range increases by 3 meters for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
Unit icon ska warpguard.png Warpguard Henchman Very Fast 69 Warp Immunity: Passive Skill. Grants immunity to Warp effects when gathering Wyrdstones. Also increases Poison Resistance by 25%.
Unit icon ska verminkin.png Verminkin Henchman Very Fast 79 Warp Rage: Passive Skill. After gathering a Wyrdstone, melee Damage increases by 15% and Dodge chance by 10% for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
Unit icon ska rat ogre.png Rat Ogre Impressive Fast 194 Fear: Passive Skill. Enemies who engage or start the turn engaged with the user must perform a Fear test. Failing the test reduces melee Hit chance by 30%. The debuff persists until passing a Fear test on turn start. Passing any Fear test will grant immunity to Fear for 2 turns.
Fylch sharptail icon.png Fylch Sharptail Dramatis Personae Very Fast Unknown

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Effective use of a Skaven warband requires good use of tactics and an understanding of Skaven strengths and weaknesses. Skaven are generally fast and agile, making them one of the better factions for navigating the ruins of Mordheim, but they are also cowardly and physically weak. Skaven units will almost never fare well in one-on-one combat, even at high levels, and so it is vital for a Skaven player to keep their warriors together and gang up on enemies. Effective use of ambushes can give Skaven warriors the advantage they need, and where possible a Skaven player should always pick off isolated foes before engaging the bulk of the enemy warband.

In terms of combat, Warpguards and Black Skaven are the best picks for going toe-to-toe with the enemy, though Black Skaven with low experience levels can be surprisingly ineffective. Warpguards are the best choice for gathering Wyrdstone, as they have an innate resistance to its negative effects. Verminkin and the Assassin Adept are best used as skirmishers who stay on the edge of fights, taking advantage of their high mobility to outflank the enemy. Night Runners are even more effective at this as they gain a movement bonus after a successful Jump Down, and their higher health means they can be used to attack stronger enemies. The Eshin Sorcerer's powers are mostly debuffs, and so they are best deployed a short distance from fights where they can use their spells to even the odds against powerful opponents. Lastly, the Rat Ogre is a powerful melee unit but suffers from Stupidity, so they are best used in tandem with the Eshin Sorcerer whose Guidance ability negates this effect.

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