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If warrior falls Out of Action during a battle, they will have to roll to see how badly they have been injured. Injury rolls can result in outcomes such as a complete and instant recovery, the lowering of the warrior's stats (and max stats), the loss of a limb or, in the worst case, death. Some injuries can render a warrior no longer useful to a warband, for example, a talented archer losing an arm and therefore no longer being unable to wield ranged weapons. Injured warriors cannot be fired while they are awaiting treatment.

All injuries from falling Out of Action are permanent and require treatment before the warrior is able to fight again (excluding 'Full Recovery'). Treatment requires gold to pay for the treatment followed by a number of days to recover from the injury. An injured warrior will not begin recovering until treatment costs are paid - untreated warriors must periodically pass a roll (every 3 days) or they will die from complications to their injuries.

If a warrior is critically hit, they will suffer from the 'Open Wounds' debuff for the remainder of the battle, and receive the 'Light Wound' injury after the battle is over. If the warrior uses a Poultice this will remove both the 'Open Wounds' effect and prevent the 'Light Wound' injury after the battle. If a warrior with 1 or more 'Open Wounds' debuffs falls Out of Action, they will have a higher chance of rolling a more serious injury after the battle.

You can view a warrior's injuries in their 'Description' page, under the 'Injuries' tab on the right. A warrior who has never been injured is described as 'Healthy'.

Name Recovery Time Description
Cost of defeat n/a Having fallen Out of Action, and consequently left behind during the rout, this warrior eventually returns to the warband. However, some equipment may have been left behind.
Fortunate Return n/a Even through the horrors of Mordheim, this warrior has managed to return safely and without losing additional equipment during the journey.
Full Recovery n/a The warrior suffers only slight bruises and scrapes with hardly even a scar as a memory of its wound.
Light Wound 2 days The warrior suffers from a flesh wound that takes a little time to recuperate from.
Deep Wound 5 days The warrior has suffered a grievous wound but over time makes a miraculous recovery.
Near Death Experience 5 days Almost at death's door, the warrior astonishingly manages to survive and pull through. It gains an experience point from this amazing feat of survival.
Severed Arm 5 days The warrior's left arm was dismembered in battle or so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. The warrior can no longer climb or use a two-handed weapon. However, the warrior gains a 20% Dodge bonus due to his newfound balance.
Broken Jaw 3 days The warrior's jaw has been shattered, resulting in impaired speech. The injury reduces Leadership and maximum Leadership by 1 and Spellcasting chances by 5%.
Burst Eardrum 3 days One of the warrior's eardrums has burst, leaving it half deaf. Perception checks made by this warrior suffer a 25% penalty.
Amnesia n/a A sharp blow to the head has fogged the warrior's memory. The warrior loses up to 5 XP of their current rank progression.
Brain Trauma 3 days Trauma to the head has impaired the warrior's mental faculties. Intelligence and maximum Intelligence are both reduced by 1 as a result of brain damage.
Tendonitis 3 days The warrior suffers from tendonitis in the wrists. This injury reduces Strength and maximum Strength by 1.
Impacted Vision 3 days Damage to the eyes has impaired the warrior's vision. The warrior's Weapon and Ballistic Skill as well as their maximums, are reduced by 1 because of poor eyesight.
Skull Fracture 5 days Mental condition. A skull wound has left the warrior stupid, sometimes forgetting what it must do. If not engaged in melee, the warrior must pass an Intelligence test or do nothing for the turn.
Confusion 3 days Mental damage causes the warrior to suffer random moments of confusion. This injury reduces Alertness and maximum Alertness by 1.
Twitch 3 days Damage to the warrior's nervous system has left it with a pronounced and debilitating twitch. This injury reduces Agility and its maximum by 1.
Internal Wound 4 days The warrior has suffered internal damage that will never heal properly and which exerts a persistent degree of pain. The warrior loses 1 Offense Point.
Severed Leg 5 days The warrior's left leg was dismembered in battle or so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. Movement is now reduced by 1 meter, and Climbing is no longer possible. Leap and Jump Down chance is reduced by 25%.
Maimed Hand 4 days The warrior has suffered a mutilating injury to its hand. The loss of dexterity causes the chance to hit with Melee and Ranged attacks to be reduced by 10%.
Chest Wound 3 days The warrior has suffered a grisly injury to the chest. Even after recovery, this wound leaves the warrior weakened, reducing its Toughness and maximum Toughness by 1.
Mysterious Ailment 3 days An unknown disease has beset the warrior, provoking a permanent fever. The warrior's base Wound value is reduced by 10 as a result of this affliction.
Concussion 5 days A brutal blow to the head has caused the warrior to suffer a concussion, causing it to sometimes be confused in battle. The warrior loses 1 Strategy Point.
Amok n/a Mental condition. Suffering violent mental derangement, the warrior will never again Disengage or Flee from an enemy - the warrior will always fight to the very end!
Megalomania n/a The warrior has developed a maniacal belief in its own might and power. From now on it cannot use ranged weapons and the cost of spells increases by 2 Offense Points.
Missing Eye 5 days The warriors right eye has been ruined. The warrior is effectively blind in this eye. A 10% penalty now applies to Melee and Ranged hit chance, but a bonus of 10% also applies to Perception and 10 to Initiative.
Old Battle Wound 3 days Crippling damage to the warrior's nervous system has left it with recurrent pains. This injury reduces Accuracy and its maximum by 1.
Dead n/a The wounds suffered by the warrior during the battle have proven fatal. Any equipment belonging to the deceased warrior is returned to the warband's equipment reserve.