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Hired Swords

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Hired Swords are warriors who may previously have experienced battles on the streets of Mordheim. While you can always hire rank 0 warriors to fill your empty warband slots, you may sometimes be able to hire warriors of higher ranks and of different types to fill these slots instead.

A variety of Hired Swords will become available for hire 2 days after creating a new warband. The warriors who become available are randomly generated and the quantity and potential rank can be influenced by gaining Veteran Ranks.

Usually, the Hired Swords available to your warband will match the warriors you currently have available. For example, a Rank 0 Skaven Clan Eshin warband may see Assassin Adepts, Night Runners, Verminkin and Warpguard of varying ranks as these are available to this warband at rank 0. As your warband gains the ability to hire additional warrior types, these warriors will also become available as Hired Swords. In addition to this, their are also unique Hired Swords who are available to hire by purchasing the relevant DLC. These Hired Swords will only be available to their faction - Order or Destruction.


  • Smuggler: Skilled with sword and pistol, Smugglers are tempted into the battle by the allure of Wyrdstone.
  • Wolf-Priest of Ulric: Those who enter the priesthood of the god Ulric are fierce and hardened men, embodying his primal nature.


  • Doomweaver: Mystics who tap directly into the Winds of Magic, Doomweavers are both powerful and pitiable.
  • Poison Wind Globadier: Clanrats trained to use the devious weapons of Clan Skryre, Globadiers are sold as warriors to warbands by the Warlock-Engineers.

Warbands may hire these Hired Swords as Heroes in any available Hero or Reserve Slot. These Hired Swords have unique skills and some have unique spells, only available to this warrior. Once hired, they function just as any other warrior in the warband, gaining experience, Skill and Spell points and requiring upkeep after battle.

If you hire a Hired Sword of a higher rank than 0, they may already possess better quality weapons and armour. You will also have the ability, immediately after hiring them, to assign their accrued statistic upgrades, skill and spell points. This allows you to assign the warrior their skills and spells without any gold of training time costs. This can only be done immediately after hiring the warrior - any points you leave for later will require the normal cost in gold and days to train skill and spells.

Skills Born Leader (a correct type of Hero turns into a Leader) and Lad's Got Talent (a Henchman without No Talent Perk turns into a Hero) can only ever be trained in reserves, so, if one want to make a Hired Sword have either, one should pay attention to that one hires the Hired Sword on a Reserve Slot, not Warband Slot. Furthermore, the extra Skill Points granted by the Skill Masteries of these Skills can also be freely trained on initial generation should one purchase the Masteries during the initial generation.

The available Hired Swords will refresh every few days. Some of the same Hired Swords may be available but they may also have sought employment with another warband and not be hireable after this rotation.

In case one wants to find specific type of a Character as a Hired Sword, yet current rotation lacks a satisfactory candidate, one can, if one has the Gold required, Hire and Fire one or more Hired Swords to force generation of new ones upon next rotation. This way the older Hired Swrods will not stay around lessening the odds of getting a Character of wanted type and/or Rank.

As high ranking Hired Swords have previously seen combat, they may already have suffered injuries - be careful to check the warrior's description carefully before committing to hiring them!

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