Fylch Sharptail

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Fylch sharptail icon.png Fylch Sharptail
Fylch Sharptail
Skaven Clan Eshin
Dramatis Personae
Initial Rating:
Very Fast

Fylch Sharptail is the Dramatis Personae in the Skaven Clan Eshin Warband.

Description[edit | edit source]


Stats[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Art of Silent Death: Passive Skill. Increases melee Critical hit chance by 10% when using Daggers or Fighting Claws.
  • Avoid: Passive Skill. Increases Dodge chance by 10%.
  • Poison Expert: Passive Skill. Attacks, skills, and spells bypass 20% Poison Resistance.
  • Warp Poison: Active Skill. Applies Warp poison to all weapons for 1 turn. Dealing damage with a poisoned weapons inflicts the target with a poison debuff that reduces maximum Offence Points by 2 for 1 turn. Can only be used while not engaged. Not Stackable.
  • Guidance: Active Skill. Prevents the effects of Mental conditions (Stupidity, Paranoia, Megalomania, Deranged, Amok). Can only be used while not engaged.

General Stats[edit | edit source]

The stats listed here are based on his stats and equipment in the first story mission for the Skaven Clan Eshin.

Icn stats pts strategy.png Strategy Points 7
Icn stats pts offensif.png Offense Points 6
Armor Armour Absorption 20%
Attack Damage 68-78
Crit Critical Chance 13%
Wounds Wounds 190

Other Stats[edit | edit source]

Accuracy Movement 8
Accuracy Initiative 67
Accuracy Morale 16
Accuracy Morale Impact 3
Icn stats dodge.png Dodge Chance 70%
Icn stats parry.png Parry Chance 40%

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Resistance Poison Poison Resistance 28%
Resistance Magic Magic Resistance 16%
Resistance Melee Melee Resistance 22%
Resistance Range Range Resistance 17%
Resistance Critical Critical Resistance 6%
Resistance Stun Stun Resistance 12%
Icn stats res wyrdstone.png Wyrdstone Resistance 25%
Resistance Trap Trap Resistance 0%
Icn stats res all alone.png All Alone Resistance 54%
Icn stats res fear.png Fear Resistance 44%
Icn stats res terror.png Terror Resistance 44%