Early Access Content Update 7

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Early Access Content Update 7
Update release:
12 August 2015
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Hello Everyone,

Rogue Factor and Focus Home Interactive are proud to provide you with this seventh update of the Early Access. Like we did before, we want to present you a list of all the updates that come with this version, but also the known issues and limitations of this Early Access version.

Updates[edit | edit source]

Our seventh content update is and it provides the following new features:

  • Units kitbashing: Not only, can you now customize the color of each body parts on your warrior, you can also choose between all its available variations, from moustaches to cape, there’s a ton of variations available to you.
  • New AI System: The AI is now based on the rank, it can use skills and is stronger than it used to be. Get ready for more challenge.
  • Revamped Morale System: Many changes have been made to the morale calculation (see separate notes for details)
  • Revamped Action Zones System: You can now climb/jump/leap even if there’s a Warrior standing on the other end of the Action Zone, resulting in pushing your ally to make room or engaging your enemy (see separate notes for details)
  • Extra gameplay layers: Each unique map can now be played with an extra layer of gameplay for Skirmish Missions. 3 different ones per maps are available at the moment. (see separate notes for details)
  • 2 New Maps: The last 2 unique maps are now available: the Market Square and the Count Steinhardt’s Palace.

As we already stated, we value the input of our players and we've done some adjustment according to the feedback we gathered:

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum Stats of some units were changed:
    • Youngblood: Agility down to 15, Leadership down to 9, Accuracy increased to 15
    • Warlock: Toughness increased to 10, Leadership down to 13, Alertness increased to 20
    • Eshin Sorcerer: Leadership increased to 15, Accuracy reduced to 12
    • Black Skaven: Leadership increased to 14, Intelligence reduced to 10
    • Possessed: Leadership increases to 15, Alertness reduced to 9
  • Each Hero can now be added up to a maximum of 2 per Hero in a Warband (ex: max 2 Warlock)
  • Each Henchman can now be added up to a maximum of 4 per Henchman in a Warband (ex: 4 Marksman)
  • The budget of initial stats of Impressive units has been increased to 80 instead of 55. This impacts the Ogre Mercenary, the Rat Ogre, the Maiden of Sigmar and the Chaos Spawn.
  • The budget of Maximum stats of Impressive units has been increased to 140 instead of 110. This impacts the Ogre Mercenary, the Rat Ogre, the Maiden of Sigmar and the Chaos Spawn.
  • Fixed FX visuals on Teleports locations in Library to improve their visibility
  • Reloading a Range weapon will now apply a debuff called “Arm Fatigue” which increases the cost of the next Reload action by 1 SP. This is Stackable.
  • Leadership: Each points is now worth 2 Morale Pool Value instead of 1
  • The FX color to use the Idol on a Warband Cart has been modified to be different than the Warband Chest to avoid confusions.
  • Added an FX when Praying at an Idol on your Warband Cart
  • The 'Large' perks now also increases Poison, Critical and Stun resistance by 30% as well as Armor Absorption by 15%. This impacts the Ogre Mercenary, the Rat Ogre and the Chaos Spawn (not the Maiden of Sigmar)
  • Failing a Stupidity test will now remove on SP and leave the OP on the victim. These can be used later on to Counter-Attack if the user is attacked
  • Shooting someone who is covered between 1/4 and 1/2 will now provide a penalties to shooters of -15% instead of 10%
  • Shooting someone who is covered between 1/2 and 3/4 will now provide a penalties to shooters of -30% instead of 20%
  • The effects of Mordheim’s Curse have been increased to 15% instead of 10%
  • All units starts with an increased amount of Strategy Points than before at Rank 0 (the maximum remains unchanged) and will only gain 1 SP during their progression which will be awarded at Rank 5. This will make lower rank battles more dynamic and keep the focus on gathering wyrdstones while fighting instead of forcing the player to choose between both.
  • [Esc] key is no longer remappable: pressing [Esc] in missions will act as cancel when available, otherwise, it will open the options menu
  • Unit model will now disappear properly when they are not visible
  • Large units in ambushing or overwatching stance will now lose their stance if they become engaged before their ambush or overwatch could be triggered
  • Improved procedural Warband generation: Generated Warband rating is now closer to the player's rating
  • Fixed crash when opening options window after unplugging and plugging a controller.
  • Fixed issue with intimidate that did not allowing Units to attack if their Target became stunned
  • Unit infos can now be toggled from the tactical view
  • Fixed Unit disengaging from an impressive Unit when it's not their turn
  • Changed Unit visibility to have unit always visible if targetable
  • Entering a zone AoE will now play the buff/debuff animation depending on the enchantment effect given by the zone
  • Fixed possible block when ambushing on zone AoE
  • Added a 4th zoom level in the tactical view
  • Added Monster's animations in library
  • Added Dramatis Personae in Hideout
  • Fixed missing consumables in loot bag on dead unit
  • Several collision issues have been fixed
  • Pathfinding has been optimized in multiple areas
  • Several localization issues have been fixed
  • Many typos and spelling mistakes have been corrected

Skill & Spells Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Hardy: the Wounds increase is now +20 at regular version and + 40 at mastered version
  • Acrobatic: increases resistance by 15% for the regular version and +30% for the mastery version
  • Vision of Torment: The penalty to Dodge, Parry, Range/Melee Resistance for the Mastery version increases to 15% instead of 10%
  • Military Training: The skill will now trigger properly on charge damage as well
  • Adaptable Defense: The skill will now trigger properly on charge damage as well
  • Blood Sacrifice: The skill will now trigger properly on charge damage as well
  • Fatality: The skill will now trigger properly on charge damage as well
  • Warp Immunity: Fixed an issue with the Wyrdstone Resistance not be properly set
  • Threaten: Fixed an issue where the Regular version was not working properly
  • Resist Magic: the requirements have been lowered to 6 Intelligence and the mastery version to 9 Intelligence
  • Knowledge: Mordheim: the requirements have been increased to 12 Intelligence and the mastery version to 15 Intelligence
  • Head Shot: Increased the hit penalty to -30% on regular version and -15% on master version
  • Touch of Palsy: fixed an issue that was preventing the debuff to be applied properly.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Greta's Boon: Now increases Perception and Trap resistance by 20% for the Normal version, 40% for the good and 60% for the best.
  • Mandrake Root: the penalty now reduces Stun Resistance instead of Poison Resistance
  • The cost to reload Warplock Pistols has been reduced to 2 SP instead of 3
  • Eshin Sorcerers of the Skaven warband now have access to a Staff.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

  • Misfortune: the effect has been lowered to 1% and 2% for the regular version and 2% and 4% for the mastered versions

New Features[edit | edit source]

Revamped Morale System![edit | edit source]

  • The Leadership stat will now have a greater impact on the game
  • The calculation of Rout test has been changed.
  • Upon Reaching 0 Morale, the warband Routs automatically
  • Each warriors now have Morale Pool value which they add with their fellow warriors to form the Warband Morale Pool. This is purely based on their Leadership, their Skills and their Enchantments
  • Each warriors now have a Morale Impact stat based on their unit type which is removed from the Warband Morale Pool when the warrior is taken Out of Action
  • Stealing the enemy’s Idol will now impact the Morale of the enemy Warband. Should they recover it, the lost portion of Morale will be regained

Revamped Action Zones System![edit | edit source]

  • The base functionality of the Climb, Leap and Jump Down action zones remain the same as before
  • However, now should an ally or an enemy block the destination of the target and there is room for them to move, they will be moved to a nearby point. If the warrior is an enemy, the user of the action zone and the moved unit will end up engaged in combat
  • Based on the action taken and if the user succeed or fail, there will be benefits or penalties applied to the Action Zone user
    • Climb Success: if the user ends up engaged with an enemy on top, the enemy will have a 20% penalty to Dodge/Parry the next melee attack of the climber. The next action after climbing must be a melee offensive action or the bonus is lost
    • Climb Fail: No extra penalties since you cannot climb if you are engaged at the bottom of a Climb Zone
    • Leap Success: the Leaper will gain a bonus of +15% melee hit chances and +15% melee Damage on its next melee attack if it ends up engaged after the Leap. The next action after Leaping must be a melee offensive action or the bonus is lost
    • Leap Fail: If the Leaper is not engaged after falling, no extra penalties apply. If the Leaper ends up engaged after falling, the engaged enemies are allowed to “Counter-Attack” the Leaper after it gets up if they have enough Offense Points to do so.
    • Jump Down Success: the Jumper will gain a bonus of +15% melee hit chances and -1OP cost on its next melee Offensive skill if it ends up engaged after the Jump. The next action after Jumping must be a melee offensive action or the bonus is lost
    • Jump Down Fail: If the Jumper is not engaged after falling, no extra penalties apply. If the Jumper ends up engaged after falling, the engaged enemies are allowed to “Counter-Attack” the Jumper after it gets up if they have enough Offense Points to do so.

Extra Gameplay layer for Skirmish missions[edit | edit source]

Temple of Sigmar

  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: Being inside the Temple provides the Holy Ground buff to anyone, which improves chances to cast Divine spells by 100% and reduce chances to cast Arcane spells by 100%
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2 plus, there are Sister corpses which can be found around the Temple, one of them carrying the keys to open the treasury doors to access unclaimed loot. * Also 6 Sigmar shrines can be used based on the Warband allegiance with different effects:
    • Order Warbands can pray to gain a buff which increases All Alone, Fear and Terror by 10% and Melee Hit Chances by 10% for 2 turns (Not Stackable)
    • Destruction Warbands can destroy them to prevent Good warbands from Praying and gain a buff which increases Melee Damage by 10% for 2 turns (Stackable)


  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: Oil barrels can be tipped over and lit on fire to block some areas of Quayside. Any unit entering the will take damage
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2 plus, some rooms of the abandoned houses are locked and requires a key to be opened. Those rooms are filled with unclaimed loot and the corpses of the owners are laying around somewhere carrying the keys

Middle Bridge

  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: Skaven abandoned some crates of poison globes which can be broken to fills specific areas with poisonous gas Anyone entering the poison clouds will suffer some damage and effects
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2, plus the 4 gigantic loading cranes of the Bridge are lowered down close to the river and might hold some unclaimed loot. They can be activated to gain access to treasures

Raven Barracks

  • Option 1: All doors are opened and cannot be closed/used
  • Option 2: All doors are either closed or opened and are useable to be closed/opened as desired
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2, plus some of the doors' levers are broken. The levers must be found and repaired to opened the broken gates to gain access to the unclaimed loot

Great Library

  • Option 1: All sections of the Library have a debuff to let Players know in which area their units are. The debuffs have no other effects
  • Option 2: All sections of the Library have a debuff to let Players know in which area their units are. Each debuff has a different effect:
    • Blue: -1 Movement
    • Red: -25% Range Resistance
    • Orange: -25% Melee Resistance
    • Green: -25% Poison Resistance
    • Pink: -25% Critical Resistance
    • Yellow: -25% Stun Resistance
    • Cyan: -25% Armor Absorption
    • Purple: -25% Magic Resistance
  • Option 3: Same as option 2 plus, Wards of deadly (very very deadly) dark magic protects chests of loots spread inside the library. Hidden magical wands must be found to break the wards and gain access to the unclaimed loot


  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: The sides of the Ballroom are filled with weird fumes which have ill effects on any units going through or standing in it
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2 plus, three sections of the palace are locked: the Parlor, the Salon, and the Guardhouse. The proper key must be found to gain access to unclaimed loot

Market Place

  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: The market is filled with pools of Corrosive acids left by an unknown creature. Anyone entering these area will suffer damage. Planks can gathered and used as a bridge to pass over the pools without damage
  • Option 3: Same as Option 2 plus, three warehouse are still locked, their treasures unclaimed. The corpses of the owners can be found in the area with the keys still in their pockets

Statue Count

  • Option 1: Nothing extra added
  • Option 2: There’s a magical instability which affects everyone on the map. This debuff increases chances of Tzeentch Curses and Divine Wrath by 200%. The instability causes any arcane spell casted close to the Statue to have a 100% increased chances while any Divine Spells have its casting chances reduced by 100%
  • Option 3: same as Option 2 plus, Jail wagons are spread around the map and can be set on fire by anyone. Those Jail wagons often carry some unclaimed loot which can be acquired if the Jail wagon is opened. To do so, one must find the Jailer's corpse and get the keys

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Because the game is still in development, some issues remain and could not be fixed in this version or have been discovered since its release. This is a list of the known issues we are aware of so far:

  • 32Bit version: We’re seeing more and more instability for the 32bit version of the game, but remain committed to it. This version is only available for players with a 32bit OS. This is a very small minority of players at this point, and with V18s new character meshes, RAM becomes an issue. We apologize for this, and we are working on this again during the optimization pass coming in soon.
  • Skills related issues: Some skills are still missing, they will come further down the road. Some skills don't have their FX yet. Feel free to point them out. Not all animations are set properly for the skills, we are still working on this.
  • Invisible walls: There might be some invisible walls between two buildings or a building and the street, but the unit should always have another way to go about it.
  • Loading might still be long: We've been working on optimizing the loading time in the previous patch and manage to get good results but there's still room for improvement. We've added a tiny animation at the bottom right corner of the screen to show you the loading is still happening and the game's not freeze.
  • Using the mouse in GUI with higher screen resolution: We would recommend not to play the game with a screen resolution higher than 1920x1080 as some GUI asset might become difficult to click.
  • Information in the Lobby: There are some issues with the information displayed when refreshing the list in the lobby. You might see, for example, a lobby joined by a Steam Friend that is not available to you and that you won't be able to join.
  • Switching to another program while playing: If you use Alt-Tab or minimize/maximize the game window while playing or loading, you might end up with a game crash or misbehaving game.
  • Desynchronisation during online skirmish: You might encounter some random desynchronization while playing a skirmish online. We are investigating everything that might cause such problem and all the feedback we can get from you will be very helpful.
  • Tutorials: Tutorials are outdated, but we can't spend time bringing them up to date at each push since every balance tweak affects units positioning and actions available. As the balancing comes to an end, we will redo them to give them their proper order again.
  • Windowed Mode: Even if you’ve selected “Windowed Mode” in the graphic settings, the game will start in “Fullscreen”. Just press [Alt]+[Enter] to change to “Windowed Mode”.
  • Options with gamepad: The options menu is not properly working with the gamepad. Use the keyboard in the options menu to avoid issues, at the moment.

If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.

If you get a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the bug report section, and also send your output log and a copy of your combat log, found in your steam install directory: - Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt - Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\combat.log

Email this log to logs at rogue-factor.com and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

Previous Updates[edit | edit source]

  • All 4 Tutorials of the game: The player will get comfortable with all the combat mechanics of the game.
  • Play Skirmish games against AI or friends online: The AI is a little bit easy to beat, but playing against a friend is great fun.
  • 6 Campaign Maps with 3 different deployment each: These are the same maps which will be used in our campaign, but with slight differences.
  • 8 Procedural Maps with 10 different deployment types: These maps, being generated procedurally will give the player much variety as path, previously open will be closed, and even in the same deployment type, units will find themselves in different buildings etc. This is the great value, We have too many different types of building for me to count, plus props and bridges which are created procedurally to change the map.
  • 4 playable Warbands: Skaven from the Eshin Clan, Mercenaries Reiklanders, the Sisters of Sigmar, and the Cult of the Possessed
  • Hideout section, with weapon and armour selection: You're now provided with a chest full of weapons and armours which you'll be able to distribute among your units. Note that at the moment, only weapons and helmets will have a visual impact. The armour will not visually change on the character whether you choose cloth, light or heavy armour (but your changes will affect the stats though).
  • Reserves in Warband management: Warbands now have "reserves" you can choose from, to organize your Units before going to combat, based on their type and cost.
  • Extra objectives: With the search action now available, various extra objectives have been added to the Skirmish games (Marked for Death, Crush their Will, Wyrdstone Rush).
  • Turn timer is now available in Skirmish: As requested by our community of Players, you can now set a time limit for a Unit turn.
  • Backtracking is now available in Skirmish: As requested by our community of Players, you can now set a backtracking limit for a Unit.
  • Windows 32bits based version: In order to prevent the game from crashing, player on 32bits operating systems should play using the "fastest" settings.
  • Possessed Mutations: Possessed units, when playing with Rank 10, now have random mutations.
  • Representative Armours: Changing armours and other equipment is now properly represented on the unit. This completely changes the look of the characters.
  • Item Enchanting: Rank 10 Warbands now have weapons which can be enchanted, There is an Enchanting Tab next to the inventory where you can choose the Rune or Mark to put on the item. This is for testing and balancing.
  • Chat!: You can now chat when in the lobby as well as in game
  • Action Log: An action log has been added representing unit actions, and RNG rolls it performs.
  • Key Mapping: In the options menu, players now have the option to remap the controls of the game. This is also available for gamepads. We’ve internally tested with Xbox, PS4, and a generic Logitech controller. Camera Inversion are now also available.
  • New Deployment type: Code named Umbrella. This new deployment is available for all procedural maps and has both Warbands as far away from each other as possible, This is to give a far away option for Players who would prefer this.
  • New Cloth: Warhammer is known for skirts, pangs, and other clothy material. We’ve completely changed the clothing in the game. It still needs to be tweaked, but now looks and feels better. It is also much more optimized.
  • Respec Button: In the Unit management, you can reset your Warband skills, spells and attributes to their original state. This will also reset the units’ mutations to new random ones, for the Possessed Warband. This feature will only be available during the Early Access.
  • Unit Rotation: With all those cloth variations and mutations, you can now admire your Unit under different angles in the Hideout’s Unit Management, using the mouse or the right-stick.
  • Save on the cloud: The save games are now copied on Steam's cloud
  • Consumables: You can now buy and equip your units with items usable during a Skirmish game. From Anti-Toxin to Elven Wine, with a couple of Oil Bombs, make sure you get the right equipment for the mission objective, from the Shop menu.
  • Hiring System and new Warband Management UI: Get ready to be a real leader now that you can fully customize your Warband by hiring and firing Units from the new Warband Management User Interface
  • Improved Overview Map: No excuse to get lost in Mordheim anymore, the overview map comes with a compass and more information about the current state of the mission

We hope you will enjoy this update and get even more fun out of Mordheim: City of the Damned. We appreciate all the feedback and help we get from you!