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All warriors can equip a selection of armour to provide defensive bonuses against enemy attacks and negative debuffs. Armour can be normal (white), fine (blue) or masterwork (purple) quality. Fine quality armour can have normal (blue) enchantments and masterwork quality armour can have either normal or masterwork (purple) enchantments.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Armour can be obtained in several ways:

  • purchased at the shop between missions
  • found at loot points during missions
  • looted from fallen enemies in battle
  • as rewards for completing objectives and main campaign missions
  • sent by contacts to warbands with the appropriate veteran skills

Armour[edit | edit source]

Name Armour Absorption Armour Absorption Initiative Initiative Effect
Amulet 0% Normal (+0) Mystic Ward: Increases Magic Resistance by +5%.
Clothing 0% Very Fast (+10) Fleet: Dodge chance +10%.
Heavy Armour 25% Very Slow (-10) Disrupting: Arcane Spellcasting chance -15%.
Bulky: Dodge chance -20%, -2m Movement range.
Cumbersome: Chance to pass Climb, Leap, and Jump Down tests -15%.
Helmet 5% Normal (+0) Resilient: Stun Resistance +10%.
Obscuring: Perception chance -15%.
Disrupting: Arcane Spellcasting chance -15%.
Light Armour 10% Normal (+0) Disrupting: Arcane Spellcasting chance -10%.
Cumbersome: Chance to pass Climb, Leap, and Jump Down tests -10%.
Pendant 0% Normal (+0) Soothing: Chance to pass All Alone, Fear, Terror tests +5%.
Shield 0% Normal (+0) Parrying: Allows the use of Parry stance. Parry chance +10%
Bulwark: Ranged Resistance +10%, Melee Resistance +5%.

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